Interdisciplinary Studies Major


We know deciding on the perfect major can be tricky, even impossible if the path you want to follow requires knowledge of multiple disciplines. That’s why we developed the interdisciplinary studies major, which gives you the freedom to design a unique academic program to serve your particular interests and professional goals.

A Major That Fits You

Your future is as broad as your interests. The interdisciplinary studies major at Goshen College lets you design a major that meets your specific goals and objectives. Ideal for someone looking for a niche area of study or an education spanning two or more disciplines, the interdisciplinary majors allows you to obtain a bachelor’s degree by selecting three areas of concentration. You can use courses from any discipline on campus to satisfy the requirements.

The program is flexible enough to accommodate a variety of career interests yet structured enough to provide focus and direction. With careful planning, you can use the interdisciplinary major to prepare for a wide range of career paths or graduate school options.

Design Customized Studies to Fit Your Career Goals

Interdisciplinary studies majors are perfect for students who have a clear idea of their career aspirations but need the flexibility to tailor their education to different disciplines to meet those goals without working on a double major. With careful planning, you can use your bachelor’s degree to prepare for a wide range of future careers, pursue your master’s degree or more.

Students interested in pursuing careers that combine science, business, political science, environmental studies, health sciences, computer science, government, nonprofit, social work, visual arts, fine arts, entertainment, and other fields, may find an interdisciplinary studies major is the right fit for them.

The Freedom to Choose Any Combination of Subject Matter

A major in interdisciplinary studies requires choosing three areas of concentration and including a minimum of 15 credit hours from each core curriculum. At least nine credit hours must be core courses defined by the department where each concentration is housed.

You will need to carefully plan your course of study to ensure that you meet all of the requirements for the interdisciplinary studies major.

Your Options are Endless with an Interdisciplinary Studies Major

So, this leaves you with a choice. Which three will it be? Art, graphic design, and multimedia communication? Economics, women’s studies, and psychology? Journalism, PJCS (peace, justice, and conflict studies), and environmental science?

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