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The Deaf studies major at Goshen College will introduce you to the rich language and culture of the Deaf community. You’ll use your American Sign Language skills through one of two concentrations: a social work focus or an education focus.

You’ll also have the option to complete Deaf Studies as a stand-alone major, or to double major with Secondary Education, which would lead to professional licensure in education. In the Deaf Studies major you will take ASL classes and spend a semester as a visiting student at Gallaudet University in Washington, D.C.

You will also find many opportunities to practice your ASL skills outside the classroom as you attend workshops, Deaf church, Deaf sporting events and other local events.

Our American sign Language program’s small class sizes will allow you to work closely with your professors and peers in a rigorous but supportive setting.

The Deaf studies major is perfect for students interested in ASL who do not want to enter the field of interpreting. If you are interested in ASL interpreting, learn more about our Sign Language Interpreting major


Education Concentration

Graduates with an education concentration will be prepared for careers such as a paraprofessional or 1:1 aid working with Deaf children in a school setting, tutor, working in an after school program with Deaf children, or as a dorm counselor at a residential school for the Deaf.

This concentration might also lead to graduate studies in Sign Language education, Deaf studies, school counseling, elementary/Deaf education, secondary/Deaf education, linguistics or social work.

Education Concentration & Secondary Education double major

Goshen College is the only program in Indiana to license teachers of American Sign Language, and we are the sole provider of certified ASL teachers in the state. The Indiana Department of Education shows that there are nearly 100 ASL teaching positions in Indiana, and you will be uniquely positioned to begin your career in this specific field.

A double major in Deaf studies and secondary education will prepare you to work as a certified language teacher to hearing students.

Social Work Concentration

A Deaf studies major with a focus on social work will put you in a position to work effectively with an underserved population. A passion for American Sign Language and/or Deaf culture can lead to employment and careers beyond interpreting.

The concentration in social work might lead to a career in organizations that utilize ASL with Deaf clients or clients with developmental disabilities, such as a case manager, job coach, life skills trainer, group home manager or interpreter scheduler. This concentration could also lead to graduate work in the areas of social work, counseling, public administration or Deaf studies.

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Damon Johnson

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