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Global Studies Minor


Maybe you’ve been everywhere from Trinidad to Budapest, or maybe you’ve never left your home state. No matter your previous experience, a global studies minor can feed your curiosity, strengthen your intercultural skills and improve your job prospects.

This minor builds on Goshen College’s signature global experience, the Study-Service Term (SST). Students who have completed SST have the option of adding a global studies minor to their degree by earning 15 additional credits in the area of global studies. You can choose any five courses and tailor your choices to fit your interests and major.

If your SST experiences leave you with a hunger for more, a global studies minor is a great way to add breadth and depth to your global citizenship.


  • A semester of SST
  • Five courses selected from those below.

Any GLST course counts, provided it is in addition to those courses used for SST credit. A limit of two courses in this minor may duplicate courses in a major, at the discretion of the major advisor. Courses in this minor may not duplicate courses in another minor.

Global Studies courses currently on rotation

  • ASL 104, North American Deaf Culture
  • Bus 350, International Business Comm
  • 206, Communication Across Cultures
  • GLST 241, Foundations
  • GLST 251Cultural Perspectives
  • GLST 257 Arts and Literature of Latinos in the US
  • GLST 271, Community-Engaged Learning
  • GLST 300, Global Issues
  • Econ 306, International Economics
  • Econ 308, Introduction to Economic Development
  • Engl 201, World Literature
  • Engl 315, Global English
  • Engl 320, Methods of TESOL
  • Hist 314, Modern China
  • Hist 344, Latin American History
  • Hist/WGS 330, Gender in World History
  • Phil 307, Asian Thought
  • Rel 316, Liberation Theologies
  • Rel 317, Islam Religion
  • Soc 315, Religion in Culture and Society
  • Soc 230, Ethnography and Culture
  • Soc 320, Environmental Sociology
  • Soc 334, Race, Class and Ethnic Relations
  • Soc 340, African Societies and Cultures
  • Soc 342, Native American Societies and Cultures

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Apply knowledge about the world’s cultures and people to responsible, open-minded and respectful work across a spectrum of differences.
  2. Engage in critical analysis of complex, interdependent global systems that impact people’s lives and the earth’s sustainability.
  3. Demonstrate the skills necessary to function effectively across cultural differences.
  4. Apply skills in collaborative global settings to real world problems.

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