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Some lessons in physics are learned quite easily: burning your hand on a stove, spitting into the wind or licking an ice-cold telephone pole. Others require further education to understand, and that’s where Goshen College’s physics program comes in. Our experienced and knowledgeable professors will take your natural curiosity to new heights as you dive into the complex nature of how the world works.

Though your coursework will be rigorous and challenging, we haven’t forgotten that science can be fun. Our undergraduate students work with exciting equipment normally reserved for graduate students: specialty x-ray, optics, holography and biophysics instruments, as well as optical, acoustic and physical laboratories. You might find yourself designing a self-driving car for the college’s bi-annual Electronics Show, or creating a tuning graph for marimba bars during the Maple Scholars summer research program.

2015 Electronics Show: Students prepare hard-hat that senses nearby objects
Physics students demo a hat that detects nearby objects at the latest Electronics Show.

These hands-on experiences will give you an edge if you apply for graduate school or if you complete your bachelor’s degree at an engineering school through our engineering physics major. In fact, over 70 percent of GC physics alumni have gone on to postgraduate studies in recent years. By the time you leave Goshen, you will have the skills needed to succeed in both graduate school and the professional world.

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Professor of Physics

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Professor of Physics

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