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Entrepreneurship Minor

A Crash Course in Starting Your Own Business

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Does your curiosity run rampant? When you set a goal, do you stop at nothing to accomplish it? If you see no path in front of you, do you create a new one? An entrepreneurship minor may be right for you!

As an entrepreneurship minor, you will learn how to turn your ideas into a successful business. You will receive hands-on experience and business skills through our entrepreneurship grant program, which provides funding for qualified undergraduate students to launch their own small business ideas. Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to pursue experiences in creative projects, existing businesses, or new business ventures.

What is Entrepreneurship?

Our entrepreneurship program teaches students how to start and grow a business. You will learn about every aspect of starting a business, from ideation, market research, and risk management to building a business plan, small business management, and pitching investors. Moreover, you will get real-world experience through our entrepreneurship programs with internal and external stakeholders and trusted partner programs.

Launch An Idea into a Business

Goshen College has equipped hundreds of business graduates with a competitive edge to invent their own work, achieve unique goals and start their businesses and non-profit organizations. Our minor in entrepreneurship will set you on the path for business school, a successful career with other small business owners, or the opportunity to develop your own cohesive company culture.

Every year, we offer qualifying students an entrepreneurship grant that launches ideas into successful businesses. Budding entrepreneurs learn advanced knowledge to test their ideas and pursue successful entrepreneurship opportunities, whether growing an existing business, pursuing a creative project, or exploring a new successful venture. Whether they want to start a business in art, computer science, business operations, higher education, innovative marketing, financial accounting, business law, human resources, financial aid, business administration software, business consulting to small business owners, agriculture, or another field, the entrepreneurship grant gives them the resources to make their “big picture” dreams come to life.

Gain Real-Life Entrepreneurship Experience!

Our entrepreneurship program will take an aspiring business person’s ingenuity to the next level as you gain the experience and knowledge to succeed in the competitive business world. In addition, you will take core curriculum classes in accounting and management, and gain practical experience and marketing strategies by completing a semester-long internship at local, regional, or national private companies. Students have worked in cities as close as Elkhart and as far away as Spain! You can also take Java Junction Management, a course that gives you the reigns to manage and run the campus coffee shop.

Get a Head Start on Your Career

So what are you waiting for? Start exploring your entrepreneurial potential today!

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Professor of Accounting
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Associate Professor of Business
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