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Academic Dean’s Office

Academic Leadership

Department Chairpersons

Merrill Krabill Art
Regina Shands-Stoltzfus Religion, Justice and Society
Jody Saylor Biological & Environmental Sciences
Michelle Horning Business
Dan Smith Chemistry
Duane Stoltzfus Communication
Kathy Meyer Reimer Education
Jessica Baldanzi English
Philipp Gollner History and Political Science
Beth Martin Birky Interdisciplinary Studies
Jewel Lehman Kinesiology
David Housman Mathematics and Computer Science
Colleen Geier World Languages (Spanish and ASL)
Matthew Hill Music
Jewel Yoder Nursing
Paul Meyer Reimer Physics and Pre-Engineering
Julie Reese Psychology
Jeanne Liechty Social Work
Jonathan Schramm Sustainability and Environmental Education
Anna Kurtz Kuk Theater

Program Directors

Colleen Geier American Sign Language
Jewel Yoder  Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Suzanne Ehst Core Curriculum
Jason Martin Master of Arts in Environmental Education
Ruth Stoltzfus Co- director of Doctor of Nursing Practice
Laura Wheeler Director of Graduate Program in Nursing
Fritz Hartman Harold and Wilma Good Library
Jan Bender Shetler International Education
Michelle Horning Master of Business Administration (MBA)
John D. Roth Mennonite Historical Library
Jason Martin Merry Lea Environmental Learning Center
Jewel Yoder RN-to-BSN Completion
Jeanne Liechty Social Work (traditional and degree completion)
Kathy Meyer Reimer Teacher Education: Elementary Student Teaching
Suzanne Ehst Teacher Education: Secondary Student Teaching
Brooke Lemmon Teacher Education: Special Education
Suzanne Ehst TESOL
Kendra Yoder Women and Gender Studies
Robert Brenneman Criminal Justice and Restorative Justice

Academic Affairs Committee 2021-22

Ann M. Vendrely Vice President for Academic Affairs & Academic Dean
Beth Martin Birky Associate Academic Dean
Jan Kauffman Assistant Academic Dean and Registrar
Kathy Meyer Reimer Faculty Chair, School of Professional Studies
Suzanne Ehst Core Curriculum Director; School of Professional Studies
Fritz Hartman Ex Officio
Ruth Stoltzfus School of Graduate Studies
Philipp Gollner School of Society and Religion
Regina Shands-Stoltzfus School of Society and Religion
Merrill Krabill School of Humanities: Arts, Languages and Literatures
Colleen Geier School of Humanities: Arts, Languages and Literatures
Jan Bender Shetler International Education
Jewel Yoder School of Nursing and Science
Michelle Horning School of Professional Studies
Julie Reese School of Nursing and Science

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