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Do you have fond memories of your elementary school PE class, playing soccer, shooting baskets, or playing tag? Would you fidget in the classroom, thinking, “If I can just make it to PE?” At Goshen College, we have a place for students like you who are enthusiastic about sports and exercise.

The Right Place for Students Enthusiastic About Sports and Activities

If you choose to study physical education at Goshen College, you will find endless opportunities to move around in your classrooms and on the field, all while receiving a high-quality education. You will learn essential fitness and health principles, analyze sport skill and exercise, participate in regular physical activity, and develop ethical leadership skills.

At Goshen College, we are committed to providing a top-quality education that allows students to thrive. Our physical education program is designed to give you the tools and knowledge necessary to succeed in your future careers. Whether you are interested in pursuing a career in fitness, coaching, or health care, our physical education program will help prepare you for success.

Study Physical Education While Staying Active and Having Fun

At Goshen College, we believe that physical exercise is an essential component of a well-rounded education. Our physical education major and minor programs are designed to give you the skills and knowledge you need to pursue a career in the fitness industry as physical education teachers and coaches at elementary and secondary schools, athletic training, or other health education career goals.

The physical education program will prepare you to be a leader in the field of health and wellness by providing you with:

  • A broad foundation in a wide range of academic disciplines
  • A deep understanding of human movement, sport, and physical education
  • The ability to assess individual and group physical fitness
  • A commitment to ethical leadership
  • Strong communication skills

In recent years, most of our PE teacher licensure graduates have landed jobs right out of college. You can choose a concentration in Physical Education with Teacher Education (PETE), which teaches skills in planning and managing developmentally appropriate exercise experiences for children in grades K-12. Or, you can participate in the coaching endorsement program, which allows you to earn a coaching certification from the American Sports Education Program (ASEP).

Start Your Career in Health and Physical Education

Whether you want to teach physical education classes, coach a team, or work with kids in another sports setting, the physical education training and experiences at Goshen College help our graduates become effective, servant-hearted, and health-conscious educators.

In addition to the major, physical education teaching minors often work in recreation, corporate wellness, fitness, or other health and activity-related fields. The skills and exercise science learned from a physical education concentration can apply to almost any career and is a great way to include something fun and active throughout your college career.

Get started today!

So if you’re looking for an engaging academic environment that promotes physical and mental well-being, look no further than Goshen College. Join us today and discover what it means to be part of an exciting community dedicated to school sports teams, activities, and teaching physical education!

Financial aid options are available. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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