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Do you have fond memories of your elementary school P.E. class, playing soccer, shooting baskets, or playing tag? Would you fidget in the classroom, thinking “If I can just make it to P.E.”?  At GC, we have a place for students like you who are enthusiastic about sports and exercise. If you choose to study physical education at Goshen College, you’ll find endless opportunities to move around in your classrooms and on the field, all while receiving a high-quality education. You will learn basic principles of fitness and health, analyze sport skill and exercise, participate in regular physical activity and develop ethical leadership skills.

You can choose a concentration in Physical Education with Teacher Education (PETE), which teaches skills in planning and managing developmentally appropriate exercise experiences for children in grades K-12. In recent years, the majority of our P.E. teacher licensure graduates have landed jobs right out of college. Or, you can participate in the coaching endorsement program, which allows you to earn a coaching certification from the American Sport Education Program (ASEP).

Whether you’re interested in teaching P.E. classes, coaching a team, or working with kids in another sport setting, your training and experiences at Goshen College will help you become an effective, servant-hearted and health-conscious educator.

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Neil Detweiler

Assistant Professor of Biology
Director of Pre-Health Programs

Jewel Lehman

Professor of Kinesiology

Val Hershberger

Associate Professor of Kinesiology