Public Health major


Understand global and local health disparities and work to minimize them.

Through the interdisciplinary nature of the public health program, you’ll take courses in biology, chemistry, nursing, kinesiology and sociology to provide you with a well-rounded experience. You’ll also have the chance to experience public health in another country through our nationally-recognized study abroad program, gaining real-world experience in a clinical setting.

Success after graduation

With a degree in public health from GC you will be well prepared for a career, graduate education or professional training. Your career might focus on non-clinical areas such as policy and education. Maybe you’ll interact directly with the public to address health concerns that affect diverse populations, or assist medical professionals and educators by engaging community members through collecting data or delivering health programs. Or after graduation, you might continue for an advanced degree in public health or other health professions.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates a strong job outlook over the next eight years for community health workers and health educators with projected job growth of up to 17 percent in Indiana, and up to 18 percent nationally.

Mission: Goshen College’s Public Health Program nurtures the next generation of public health leaders through community-engaged learning and social justice-oriented action to reduce health disparities and transform our world.

Vision: Goshen College’s Public Health Program prepares students to cultivate equitable communities through disease prevention and health promotion in local and global populations.

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Students & Alumni

Faculty & Staff

Brianne Brenneman

Assistant Professor of Public Health

Paul Shetler Fast

Paul Shetler Fast

Affiliate Faculty of Public Health

Jewel Yoder

Associate Professor of Nursing
Department Chair; Director of Baccalaureate Nursing Programs

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