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Do you find joy in solving puzzles? Do you find fractals fascinating, symmetry scintillating, game strategies gripping, or patterns provocative? If so, you may be interested in our thriving mathematics program at Goshen College.

In an era where computing power has become ubiquitous, GC mathematics majors focus on the key concepts, interconnect relevant ideas, and make use of all available tools to solve problems. Every course involves project work that explores ideas and applications in greater depth, including optimal placement of firebreaks to contain forest fires in Calculus I; modeling mechanical and electronic circuits in Differential Equations; and explaining strategic choices by nations in Game Theory. By repeatedly engaging in such projects, mathematics students also develop their communication and collaboration skills, highly sought by employers.

Goshen College Math students with professor looking at equations on sidewalks
The Differential Equations class meets outside on a beautiful fall day in Goshen.

Mathematics majors tend to be an eclectic group. Most take on a second major–physics, computer science, education, music, or history. Many intern with businesses and nonprofit organizations who value their modeling, statistics and computer skills. Others spend a summer participating in the Maple Scholars research program working one-on-one with faculty members in areas such as fair allocation and game theory. Alumni have gone on to become teachers, administrators, software engineers, architects, actuaries, authors, actors and farmers.

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David Housman

Professor of Mathematics & Department Chair

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Assistant Professor of Mathematics

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