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Are you ready to take your basic understanding of how the contemporary world functions to the next level? International economics cannot explain the entirety of human behavior — but it sure explains a lot. The minor at Goshen College studying global economic issues is designed to give students a firm grasp of economist insights, economic theory, and economic analysis tools, regardless of your major.

International economics can help students understand everything from international politics and international organizations to why people migrate from one country to another and international relations. If you’re interested in learning more about world affairs and economic growth, pursuing a global economics minor may be an exciting option.

Take Your Understanding of How the World Works to the Next Level

The study of international economics is not just about business. Truly grasping how the global economy works in a modern society starts with understanding geography, culture, and the natural world. At GC, our courses discuss international management issues, explore environmental issues, and examine societal problems alongside basic supply and demand models. Furthermore, our May term courses in China, Ecuador, and Spain offer a first-hand look at how goods are produced, and trades are made in various cultural contexts to help students develop critical thinking and professional development.

Students minoring in global economics will encounter class topics including globalization and international trade, economic development, intermediate macroeconomics, national income, environmental economics, the global economy, financial markets and institutions, and others. You’ll gain a global understanding of economic thought and a deep understanding of current economic issues.

Get Ahead in Your Career

With the help of professors and classmates, you’ll learn key concepts, methods, and tools used in economics while gaining a global perspective that future employers will value. Whether you are interested in pursuing a career in international trade, business, economic development, or public policy, the global economics minor will give you the knowledge and skills to succeed in the private, nonprofit, or public sectors.

The Future is International – Get Started Today!

A global economics minor can open up a wide array of opportunities, and there is no time like the present to get started. Financial aid options are available.

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