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At Goshen College, we believe that creating healthy habits is central to developing a full life. If you have a passion for improving personal and public health, a health minor is for you.

Learn About Nutrition, Health Sciences, and First Aid

Our health minor is the perfect way to gain essential knowledge and skills in health-related areas. Learn about nutrition and how to provide first aid and CPR effectively, empowering you to assist others in making healthy lifestyle choices that improve their overall wellbeing. This minor is for anyone interested in promoting positive health outcomes for themselves and others.

Gain the ability to assist others in becoming healthier by adopting a healthy lifestyle. Whether you hope to work in health care or pursue another career, this minor will give you the foundation you need to make a difference.

What You Will Study in the Health Studies Minor

Health science courses will focus on nutrition, health education, school and community health, human sexuality, anatomy, and physiology. If you choose to study health, you will study and apply fitness, health, anatomy, and physiology principles. You will also learn to perform first aid, CPR, and athletic training effectively.

With this foundation in the basic health science curriculum, you will be able to pursue a career in health care, further your studies in graduate school, or pursue another career with an understanding of the importance of health and wellness.

Get the Skills Needed to Help Others Lead Healthy Lives

Advocating a healthy lifestyle means empowering others to empower themselves. When finished, you will have the knowledge and experience to impact your health and that of others positively. In the evolving health care environment, there is an increasing demand for healthcare professionals and health science graduates. The healthcare industry needs a healthcare workforce with critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and compassionate hearts.

Pursue Your Passion and Prepare for a Career in Health Professions

We believe that physical and mental health is essential to wholeness and a meaningful life. If you have a passion for health services and wellness, the health program at Goshen College can give you the foundation needed to affect change.

Minor in health at Goshen College and gain the skills to make a real difference in the health of others. Financial aid options are available.

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