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Today, taking a sustainability approach is innovative and smart business, and more and more organizations are looking for leaders driven by a green mindset and natural resource management as they lead others and seek success. If you’re ready to help advance sustainability initiatives, our sustainability management program may be just for you.

Join Our Sustainability Management Program and Help the World

For students who desire to help preserve our planet for future generations, an undergraduate degree in sustainability management from Goshen College is the perfect way to turn your passions into action. You will learn to identify and assess environmental issues and opportunities within the business world and develop creative solutions that balance financial, social, and ecological objectives. With an emphasis on both ecosystem management, environmental science, and social responsibility, you will be prepared to make a lasting impact on communities. Join us in charting a sustainable path forward!

An Integrated Approach to Business Education and Ecology

The Goshen College sustainability management program is built on the foundation that businesses must operate in a way that is both environmentally and socially responsible in order to be genuinely sustainable. This integrated approach to business places equal importance on the environment, people, and money. The notion of achieving profit while maintaining social value has always been an essential fundamental tenet of our business department.

A Bachelor’s Degree That Prepares You for Success

Are you interested in contributing to the preservation of our planet for future generations by becoming a sustainability leader? GC’s sustainability management program offers a solid multidisciplinary foundation and interactive learning environment.

Whether sustainability management students are interested in working for corporate, non-profit, or government agencies, you will be given the the skills and knowledge you need to be a successful leader in the field of sustainability.

Possible sustainability career opportunities include:

  • Consultant
  • Urban sustainability manager
  • Director of sustainability
  • Renewable energy manager
  • Environmental & natural sciences educator
  • Sustainability analyst
  • Environmental Policy analyst

Harmonizing social and ecological values with business principles puts our graduates in a favorable position in our modern society.

Learn How to Maintain Social Value While Achieving Profit

With a degree in sustainability management, graduates learn to understand the relationship between global ecology and the business world, work to find creative solutions for the problems our world faces, and make a lasting impact on the health of their community and world. This holistic view of doing business places equal emphasis on the planet, people, and profit, a concept referred to as the triple bottom line.

Help Prepare for a Sustainable Future

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Michelle Horning

Professor of Accounting
Program Director

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John Mischler

Assistant Professor of Sustainability and Environmental Education & Director of ASI

Jonathon Schramm

Professor of Sustainability and Environmental Education

Ruth Mischler

Assistant Professor of Sustainability and Environmental Education

Jerrell Richer

Professor of Economics
Carl Kreider Chair

Jon Geiser

Associate Professor of Business
Business Development Director for CBEE

Andrew Hartzler

Professor of Accounting

Jeremiah Sharp

Residence Life Coordinator & Environmental Educator