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A One-of-a-kind Place for Runners: Doug Yoder '77 - The Good of Goshen

Doug Yoder '77, track coach at Goshen College, is an avid runner and organizer of running events in the Maple City.

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Mary Short '03 helps Young Scientist Club take Off - The Good of Goshen

Mary Short '03 and Suzanne Miller '11, of Goshen’s Parkside Elementary School, make science fun.

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Jay Smith '74 to receive Outstanding Basketball Official Award

The IHSAA honored Jay Smith '74 as its Outstanding Girls Basketball Official in 2001 and as its Outstanding Boys Basketball Official in 2010.

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YOU SHOULD KNOW: Suzanne Bishop '43 has helped start two art guilds

Suzanne Bishop '84 is a founding member of two guilds in Goshen, clay and photography.

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When a 3-year-old talks about death: Jodi H. Beyeler '00 - The Mennonite

Jodi H. Beyeler reflects on Easter and when her 3-year-old talks about death.

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