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Artists Design Bright Futures in Goshen: Anne Berry '99 and Rafael Barahona '01 - Good of Goshen

LightBox, a new co-working studio overlooking Goshen’s bustling Main Street, is aptly named. Not just because the newly renovated historic space is painted brilliant white, or due to the sunlight cascading in from the lofty cathedral windows. More so, because the people who work there are all remarkably bright.

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Ed Zuercher '87 | Phoenix Hopes To Become Hub Of Waste Innovation - NPR

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Nicole Bauman's '08 Prairie Wolf Collective is not your usual housing community - The Elkhart Truth

A group formed a few years ago to live together, simply and intentionally. Prairie Wolf Collective is growing and changing.

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Errick McCollum '10 splits $1 million for winning The Basketball Tournament in New York City - The Elkhart Truth

Errick McCollum '10 was part of the Overseas Elite team which split $1 million after winning The Basketball Tournament in New York Sunday, Aug. 2, 2015.

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Goshen Brewing Company taps in love for craft beer: Jesse Sensenig '01- South Bend Tribune

Jesse Sensenig '01 and his wife, Amanda '03, are finding success after bringing their passion for craft brewing to Goshen.

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