Music In Worship Minor


Do you believe that music is nourishing to the soul? At Goshen College, we wholeheartedly believe that music is a spiritual endeavor – that’s why we offer the music in worship minor.

Explore the Power of Music

The music in worship minor explores how music can affect people spiritually and physically. With hands-on experience leading worship as a song leader in our on-campus events, you will learn valuable tools and practical techniques for worship leading, facilitating corporate singing and worship.

As an interdisciplinary program, including music, theater, religion, and more, music in worship students have the opportunity to study the ways song can be used in a variety of contexts.

Learn How to Enrich People’s Lives with Music in Worship

The music in worship minor at Goshen College will you the skills, knowledge, and strong foundations you need to lead worship that enriches people’s lives. You will learn how to use songs to inspire people while also getting hands-on experience as a worship leader, working with other musicians.

If you’re passionate about leading music in worship and want to use your talents to make a difference in the world, this minor is for you.

Creativity. Community. Faith.

In our program, interdisciplinary courses will explore the ways music heals, revives, soothes, and transforms people and prepare students with hands-on opportunities for music-leading, leadership development, music theory, music production, biblical theology, pastoral leadership, ministry experience, and planning. You will take courses across music, theater, and religion disciplines and have the chance to lead worship as a song leader in our on-campus chapels, convocations, and various religious services.

Gain Experience Leading Worship Services as a Worship Leader

At GC, music in worship minors will go on a spiritual and musical journey as you learn about music in a religious context.

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Dustin George-Miller

Music Center Office Coordinator

Matthew Hill

Professor of Music
Music Department Chair

Scott Hochstetler

Professor of Music

Solomia Soroka

Professor of Music

Marcia Yost

Adjunct Professor of Music