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Are you a part of or interested in the rapidly growing field of computer science and information technology? Do neural networking, machine learning, and game development invoke excitement and curiosity in you? Are you passionate about creating technology to support human and social good? Then you might want to look closer at Goshen College’s computer science program.

Goshen College offers computer science as both a major and minor. Our curriculum covers computer organization, programming languages, computer architecture, operating systems, networking, software engineering, artificial intelligence, data science, computer security, and more. Our program is designed to give you a comprehensive understanding of digital science theory and hands-on experience with current computer technology.

Be a part of a Supportive and Values-Based Community

In our modern, digital world, computer science skills are in high demand. Our bachelor’s degree graduates find many computer science careers in a variety of industries, including computer programming, computer support specialist, computer engineering, software developers, computer networks, computer graphics, and throughout the computer science field. Goshen College’s program prepares students for these opportunities in an intimate and supportive community.

A Human-Centered Program

Our program embraces human-centered computing, computing for the good of humanity, and other ecologies. We have courses in accessibility programming, where we create software and hardware for persons with disabilities. We participate in the Association of Computing Machinery’s Computation Competition every October. Our team has placed 5th at the site and 101st in the region.

Quality, Not Quantity

Our professor-to-student ratio ensures students have the most hands-on education possible. We offer real-world, hands-on paid internships for our students. We participate in the college’s Maple Scholars Summer Research Program, where students take on a unique research project and work closely with a professor.

Women are Welcome Here!

If you are a woman who codes, Goshen College is the place to be! We have a solid female core among our computer science students pursuing a degree in computer science. Every woman will have support and enjoy fun activities in our on-campus chapter of Digital Eve. Additionally, we are a member of the National Center for Women in Technology — an organization recognizing and supporting women as computer science majors through scholarships and other programs.

Start Your Computer Science Major at Goshen College

If you are interested in majoring or minoring in computer science, Goshen College could be the perfect place for you. Our computer science courses are thorough, practical and relevant. In addition to learning theory, you will also have the opportunity to gain experience with current computer systems technology, software development and tools.

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