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Have you ever wondered if there was a major for talking, writing or telling stories? The Goshen College communication program recognizes that written and verbal communication skills are critical in our everyday lives. Professors in our communication program take concepts to the next level by providing you with opportunities to practice skills on professional platforms.

Communication majors can DJ at our radio station, 91.1 The Globe; anchor the news program, The Correspondent; produce documentaries with our video production company, FiveCore Media; edit the weekly newspaper, The Record; work as a counselor for our youth writing summer camp, Write On Sports; or venture into the community to gather stories for local newspapers like The Goshen News or The Elkhart Truth. You could even deliver a speech at the annual C. Henry Smith Peace Oratorical Contest on campus. Needless to say, students pursuing studying communication undergraduate degrees at GC are always learning something new!

As a communication major, you can take classes in journalism, public relations, broadcasting, writing, multimedia and film studies. Communication college courses are interdisciplinary, teaching you the technical skills needed to operate state-of-the-art equipment while also teaching you how to communicate effectively with an eye toward peace and justice.

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Duane Stoltzfus

Professor of Communication
Record Advisor

Pat Lehman

Professor of Communication

David Kendall

Associate Professor of Communication
Correspondent Advisor

Jason Samuel

Assistant Professor of Communication

Kyle Hufford

Assistant Professor of Communication