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Do you want to find a major that prepares you to teach exercise, be a personal trainer or go on to graduate school? If you’re passionate about exercise and think sitting in a classroom all day sounds unappealing, you’ll find a home in the Goshen College exercise science program!

The exercise science major is a rigorous program for students interested in the scientific aspects of exercise and wellness. You’ll take classes in exercise physiology, biomechanics, motor learning, exercise prescription, testing and health. You also will have the option to focus on the professional aspects personal training in the fitness leadership track. With an exercise science major or minor, you’ll be prepared for graduate school or a career in personal training, fitness instruction, wellness education and fitness facility management.

So get moving! Enroll in the Goshen College exercise science program to jump-start your career in sports, exercise, health and more.

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Jewel Lehman

Professor of Kinesiology

Val Hershberger

Associate Professor of Kinesiology

Andy Ammons

Associate Professor of Biology
Lindsey Field Researcher