Social Policy Minor


No one wants to live in a world of injustice, but it takes a special person to learn the practical skills necessary to do something about it. As a social policy minor, you could work as a policy advocate, human services worker or administrator of a not-for-profit agency. Soon, you could be making a positive difference in areas like health care, criminal justice, education or labor.

Your courses will be interdisciplinary and experiential, focused on methods of social work, psychology, sociology and political science. You’ll also take peace, justice and conflict studies (PJCS) courses such as Mediation and Conflict-Healthy Groups to learn how to mediate disagreements and negotiate conflict effectively. Additionally, you’ll get hands-on experience interning at an agency of your choice.

A social policy minor at Goshen College will prepare you with the skills to care for people in a way that both nourishes relationships and makes a positive impact on the lives of others!

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Jerrell Richer

Professor of Economics
Carl Kreider Chair

Jan Bender Shetler

Professor of History

Joe Liechty

Professor of PJCS
Director of Peace
Justice & Conflict Studies

Carolyn Schrock-Shenk

Associate Professor of Peace
Justice & Conflict Studies

David Lind

Associate Professor of Sociology

Kendra Yoder

Associate Professor of Social Work

Long Tran

Associate Professor of Education

Dave Ostergren

Director of Graduate Program in Environmental Education

Jessica Lala

Adjunct Professor of Social Work

Kelly Eberhart

Adjunct Professor of Social Work