Social Policy and Advocacy Minor


What is the Social Policy & Advocacy minor? This minor provides the skills necessary to care for people in a way that nourishes relationships and positively impacts the lives of others! The Social Policy & Advocacy minor at Goshen College is a way for you to get involved in areas like social science research, public health, social institutions, the private sector, health care, criminal justice, education, or labor.

Goshen College: Making a Difference in the World

No one wants to live in a world of injustice, but it takes a particular person to learn the practical skills necessary to do something about it. As a social policy and advocacy minor, you could work as a social policy advocate, human development worker, or administrator of government organizations.

Learn How to Advocate for Change and Serve Others

Our curriculum equips students with the knowledge and methods to nurture connections and have a positive influence on others’ lives! In our social policy minor, you will learn about welfare and public policy, and how to advocate for change. You will also have opportunities to serve others through internships and public service-learning projects.

  • Courses will be interdisciplinary and experiential, focused on different methods of social work, psychology, sociology, and political science.
  • You will also take peace, justice, and conflict studies (PJCS) courses such as Mediation and Conflict-Healthy Groups to learn how to mediate disagreements and negotiate conflict effectively.
  • Additionally, you will get hands-on experience interning at a social services agency of your choice.

Learn Practical Research Skills to Change Lives

Social policy and advocacy minors at Goshen College are given a broad range of communication and service techniques to care for people in a way that both nourishes relationships and makes a positive impact on the lives of others. You will be equipped with the skills to work as a public policy advocate, child welfare worker, or community development activist in policy research.

This program is designed to develop abilities in:

  • Social welfare policy analysis
  • Community organizing
  • Social change, problem-solving, and advocacy
  • Social research methods
  • Social problems & resolution
  • Contemporary social policy issues and program evaluation

Additionally, you will study conflict resolution topics, learning how to mediate disagreements and negotiate conflict effectively. These skills will allow you to make a difference in a wide array of industries, including healthcare, public administration, criminal justice, education, sociology, labor, government, nonprofit, humanitarian relief, and more.

Prepare for a Career Changing the Globe

If you are passionate about social justice and want to learn how to change social policies and advocate for those who need it most, this program is for you! Our program’s flexibility allows you to craft an education and career path focused on social justice, social sciences, and advocacy in your major field of study.

So if you want to change the world, Goshen College is the place to start! With research, policy analysis, and program evaluation skills, you will be prepared to make a difference in any field.

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