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Whether you want to get up and move yourself or help others do the same, the recreation and sport minor from Goshen College can equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to be a successful physical activity leader!

Minor in Recreation and Sport from Goshen College

The recreation and sport minor will teach you how to foster honesty and integrity in sports, become an ethical leader, communicate effectively with individuals and teams, and understand the sociological, psychological, and cultural aspects of sports. You will also gain a scientific understanding of various sports, which will come in handy when you graduate and enter the workforce!

Study Recreation Management and the Ethics of Sport

The recreation and sport minor will give you a well-rounded understanding of sport culture, ethics, and movement. You will become an ethical leader, and communicate effectively with individuals and teams. With a solid foundation in a variety of disciplines and sport education, the Recreation and Sport Minor will prepare you for different sport, recreation, fitness, and wellness careers.

Learn How to Foster Honesty and Fair Play in Sports

The virtue of honesty is vital in all aspects of life, and we have far too many examples of dishonesty in society and the workplace, including in amateur, collegiate, and professional sports. As a recreation and sport minor, you will learn how to foster honesty and fair play in sports so that you can be a role model for others. You will discover how to foster a sense of caring and belonging in your team members. You will also learn about the significance of ethical leadership and how to interact successfully with others and teams.

What Can I Do with a background in Recreation and Sport?

This minor may sound like too much fun to count toward a degree. However, when you graduate, you will have the scientific knowledge and practical understanding of various sports to be a successful physical activity leader! The recreation and sport minor at Goshen College will prepare you for a variety of careers in sports, recreation, fitness, and wellness, including:

  • Athletic coach
  • Athletic training
  • Sport medicine & sport nutrition
  • Sport management
  • Exercise & sport psychology
  • Therapeutic recreation
  • Physical education and exercise science
  • Physical therapy
  • Personal trainer
  • Golf courses
  • Physical fitness centers
  • Parks and recreation
  • Community recreation programs

You will participate in active coursework in classes such as Badminton, Cycling, Golf, International Folk Dance, Swimming, and Adaptive Physical Activity and Sport. You can even take a two-week camping and recreation course in northeastern Minnesota’s Boundary Waters Canoe Area.

Our sport and recreation program could be the beginning of further study in areas such as recreation management, athletic training, therapeutic recreation, sport psychology, sport management, and other sport studies.

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