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Our environmental and marine sciences program will take you around the globe. From studying marine biology in our marine bio lab in the Florida Keys during our Marine Biology Semester to studying natural resources and performing controlled burns in the savannas of Kenya. On-campus, you will be just a short walk away from Witmer Woods Arboretum and the College Cabin, which serve as the prime educational research sites located on the Elkhart River.

Make a difference and travel the world with Goshen College. Learn about marine life, marine organisms, ocean sciences, climate change, sustainable development, and aquatic systems.

Transform Lives, Protect the Environment, and Restore the Planet

Students at Goshen College are part of a community of learners dedicated to finding restorative solutions for the world’s sustainability problems. Students may choose ecology or earth & climate science focus. A major in environmental and marine science from Goshen College will prepare you to work in environmental policy, manage resources, teach environmental science, restore ecosystems, conduct research, and more.

Our students gain hands-on experience taking classes at the college’s Merry Lea Environmental Learning Center, our 1,189-acre nature preserve and field laboratory. Merry Lea also offers residential programs like the Sustainability Leadership Semester, where you can investigate local wetlands and prairies, and live with other students in Rieth Village’s green buildings.

With a degree in environmental and marine science from Goshen College, you will be prepared for a career in national policy, resource management, environmental education, ecosystem restoration, marine biology, or environmental research. You will also be equipped to pursue post-graduate studies in environmental science or a related field.

Find Solutions to Sustainability Challenges

In choosing Goshen College’s environmental and marine science major, students join a community of scholars committed to working toward restorative solutions for our world’s sustainability challenges. We share a passion for restoring right relationships with each other and the natural world.

Possible careers include Coast Guard, fisheries management, federal agencies, graduate study, oceanography, marine biologist, and more.

Join a Community of Scholars with a Common Mission

If you are passionate about environmental issues and want to make a difference globally, Goshen College’s environmental and marine science program is the right choice for you. We hope you join us! Financial aid options are available.

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Three Track Options

The environmental science major is completed via one of three different tracks, which creates a plan of study to match your interests. We also offer minors in our environmental science program in sustainability and agroecology.

Ecology Track

Applying research skills to understanding our ecological world

Coursework and fieldwork prepares students for careers in ecology, wildlife studies (with field work programs in Kenya),botany, marine biology, forestry, or other field biology vocations. The college offers May-term classes at the J.N. Roth Marine Biology station and multiple field classes at our 1,189 acre field station, Merry Lea Environmental Learning Center.

Earth & Climate Science Track

Applying research skills to understanding and tackling the global and local effects of climate change

Highlights the connections between climate change, and human and environmental health, with grounding in the physical sciences including geology, climate and soil science. You will be immersed in research and study in the field (including at the J.N. Roth Marine Biology station) and through laboratory investigations in our local community.

Marine Biology Track

Explores the management and ecology of marine systems — for students interested in careers in oceanography, coastal systems or marine policy. Includes participation in the the college’s new Marine Biology Semester in the Florida Keys.

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Faculty & Staff

Bill Minter

Associate Professor of Environmental Science

Jonathon Schramm

Professor of Sustainability and Environmental Education

Andy Ammons

Professor of Biology

Doug Schirch

Professor of Chemistry

Jody Saylor

Associate Professor of Biology