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The world is brimming with diverse beliefs, ideas, and worldviews. At Goshen College, our philosophy department students are taught to see the world through many different lenses. As a philosophy minor, you will learn to embrace your curiosity and question assumptions through deep analysis and lively discussion. You will improve your analytical skills and learn to recognize connections between philosophical themes.

Learn How to Question Preconceptions – Philosophy Encourages Critical Thinking

Our philosophy program will help you develop the ability to think critically and see the world from multiple perspectives. You will learn to analyze fundamental questions, spot fallacies, and construct your own persuasive arguments. Philosophy minors also gain practical skills useful in a wide range of careers, such as law, political science, political philosophy, criminal justice, medicine, business, and education.

If you’re interested in exploring the big questions about sociology and reality, then this philosophy minor is for you!

Enrich Your Education with a Versatile Minor in Philosophy

Whether you are interested in law school, ethics, medicine, business, or higher education, our department of philosophy will help you hone your analytical skills and gain a broader perspective on the world. With its focus on critical thinking and logical reasoning, philosophy is invaluable for any professional endeavor.

Courses include Ethics and Morality, Asian Thought, Theology of Reconciliation, and Christianity and Modern Thought. Classes will focus on the philosophy and religion program. However, you will also be encouraged to participate in the English, aesthetics; and peace, justice, and conflict studies programs.

By introducing students to undergraduate courses in philosophy, some graduates go on to pursue philosophy in their graduate school studies as well. Whatever you decide, through your philosophy courses at GC, you’ll grow your logic, writing, language, and other critical skills.

Develop Analytical Skills and See the World in a New Light

With a minor in philosophy, you will begin to see the world around you with an enlightened, attentive and knowledgeable point of view. You will learn to develop logical arguments, solve problems, make intelligent decisions, communicate, uncover assumptions, and remain curious throughout their life!

These analytical and critical reasoning skills make philosophy minors a great addition to any career path. With its rich curriculum of engaging courses devoted to diverse topics, the philosophy minor at Goshen College is one of the most versatile minors available.

Join a Community that Encourages Growth and Learning

At Goshen College, we provide a supportive environment where you can explore your curiosity and learn how to question assumptions and the status quo. With faculty dedicated to the success of their students and an engaging student community, a philosophy minor at GC will help you to become a more discerning thinker and develop the skills to tackle any challenge with confidence.

Discover what it means to think critically and thoughtfully about life!​

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