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The world is brimming with diverse beliefs, ideas and worldviews. At Goshen College, our students are taught to see the world through many different lenses. As a philosophy minor you will learn to embrace your curiosity and question assumptions through deep analysis and lively discussion. You will improve your analytical skills and learn to recognize connections between philosophical themes.

Your classes will focus in the philosophy and religion program, but you’ll also be encouraged to participate in the English, aesthetics, and peace, justice and conflict studies programs. Courses include Ethics and Morality, Asian Thought, Theology of Reconciliation, and Christianity and Modern Thought.

With a philosophy minor, you’ll begin to see the world around you with an enlightened, attentive and knowledgeable point of view. You’ll learn to develop logical arguments, solve problems, make intelligent decisions, write and speak clearly, uncover assumptions and remain curious throughout your life!

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Keith Graber Miller

Professor of Bible
Religion & Philosophy

Paul Keim

Professor of Bible & Religion