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Did you know that there are lawyers who are passionate about social justice, human rights and environmental stewardship? Do you want to be well-prepared for law school and to make a difference?

The pre-law minor at Goshen College features interdisciplinary courses on subjects like restorative justice, ethics and morality, social policy, U.S. constitutional law and more. In addition, you can connect with like-minded peers in the Pre-Law Club and pair your pre-law minor with a major that suits your personal goals. You could be a peacemaking diplomat with a peace, justice and conflict studies major, a law-savvy entrepreneur with a business major, or an advocate for environmental sustainability with an environmental science major.

We believe that law is not only a respectable profession; it is one that requires passionate, ethical and experienced individuals who are dedicated to making a positive difference in the world. After graduating with a minor in pre-law, you will excel in graduate school and beyond!

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