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Did you know that there are lawyers who are passionate about social justice, human rights and environmental stewardship? Do you want to be well-prepared for law school and to make a difference?

The pre-law minor at Goshen College features interdisciplinary courses on subjects like restorative justice, ethics and morality, social policy, U.S. constitutional law and more. In addition, you can connect with like-minded peers in the Pre-Law Club and pair your pre-law minor with a major that suits your personal goals. You could be a peacemaking diplomat with a peace, justice and conflict studies major, a law-savvy entrepreneur with a business major, or an advocate for environmental sustainability with an environmental science major.

We believe that law is not only a respectable profession; it is one that requires passionate, ethical and experienced individuals who are dedicated to making a positive difference in the world. After graduating with a minor in pre-law, you will excel in graduate school and beyond!

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Joe Liechty

Professor of PJCS
Director of Peace
Justice & Conflict Studies

John Roth

Professor of History
MHL Director
MQR Editor

Ann Hostetler

Professor of English

Dave Ostergren

Director of Graduate Program in Environmental Education

David Lind

Professor of Sociology
SST- Senegal: MA