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Did you know that there are lawyers who are passionate about social justice, human rights, and environmental stewardship? Do you want to be well-prepared for law school and make a difference?

Prepare for Law School and a Career in Social Justice

At Goshen College, we offer a pre-law undergraduate education to give you the tools and knowledge to excel in law school and beyond. If you are interested in restorative justice, political science, ethics and morality, social policy, and U.S. constitutional law, then this minor is an ideal fit!

Get a solid foundation in pre-law school curriculum and join the on-campus Pre-Law Club to connect with like-minded students. With our unique perspective, you will develop the crucial skills to become a successful lawyer and change-maker.

Gain an Interdisciplinary Understanding of Law and Justice

The minor in pre-law at Goshen College is an interdisciplinary track that combines lessons in business law, justice, political theory, social policy, U.S. government, and more. You will gain exposure to a broad understanding of the American legal system and how it affects different areas of society.

You may also choose an undergraduate major in a field that matches your professional goals. This flexibility will give you background knowledge and a competitive edge when applying to law schools!

So, if you’re looking for an educational track that will prepare you for a successful legal profession, look no further than Goshen College! We’ll give you the practical skills and knowledge you need to make a difference.

Tailor the Undergraduate Studies to Match your Professional Goals

In addition to the interdisciplinary courses above, pre-law minors can connect with like-minded peers in the Pre-Law Club and pair their legal education with a major that suits their personal goals. You could be a peacemaking diplomat with a peace, justice, and conflict studies major, a law-savvy entrepreneur with a business major, or an advocate for environmental sustainability with an environmental science major.

A minor in pre-law prepares you for various career paths and further legal education, including criminal justice, political science, international institutions, intellectual property, public service, economics, history, government, business, and more.

At Goshen College, we believe that every student has the potential to succeed in law school, any legal career, and beyond. Our pre-law minor will equip you with the critical-thinking skills you need to excel in any field you choose!

Our Program Supports Your Dreams of Law School and Beyond

We believe that law is not only a respectable profession; it requires passionate, ethical, and experienced individuals who are dedicated to making a positive difference in the world. After graduating with a minor in pre-law, you will excel in graduate school and beyond!

Whether you want to become a lawyer, advocate for environmental sustainability, or start your own business, our pre-law minor can help you achieve your dreams! With our interdisciplinary approach, you will understand the American legal system and how it affects different areas of society.

Learn more about the pre-law program at Goshen College and take the first step towards entering law school or becoming a successful legal professional. Financial aid is available. Fill out the form below to get started.

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