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Do you wish you could continue to be involved in musical theater after high school while pursuing other interests and career goals (on or off the stage)? Our unique musical theater minor is just for you; perfectly complementing other programs of study and tailored for you with several different tracks, depending on your major.

Pursue Musical Theater Alongside Other Interests

Our musical theater program is the perfect way for you to continue your passion for musical theater while pursuing other interests. The program allows you to take musical theater courses while gaining hands-on experience through yearly campus productions. Whether you are interested in the theater on or off stage, our musical theater performance program has something to offer all students.

The Musical Theater Minor is Tailored for You with Several Different Tracks

Depending on your major, you can tailor the musical theater program to fit your needs. With different tracks available, you can choose the concentration that interests you the most while also gaining valuable experience in musical theater arts.

In addition to taking dance styles, voice acting, vocal technique, music theory, and acting classes, you will gain hands-on opportunities to apply technical and artistic skills learned in a campus musical or opera production every year.

Students interested in pursuing musical theater or other performing arts at the graduate level will be well-positioned with solid foundational skills in theater arts.

Musical Theater Students Gain Skills That Will Help Them in Any Field

When Goshen College music and theater students participate in college as performers, stage managers, directors, or choreographers, they learn high-demand job skills that will serve them well no matter what they do after they graduate. These include working on a team, problem-solving, and effective communication. These life skills serve our graduates well in any industry, giving them an edge to pursue their careers and other goals.

So why wait? Learn more about our musical theater minor today and start gaining the skills that will help you succeed!

Be in the Show at Goshen College

Are you interested in learning more about our musical theater minor? Complete the form below for information and get started on your musical theater journey!

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