Sustainable Food Systems Major & Agroecology Minor


Food is a marvelous thing! As a fundamental human need, it can bind us all together, but in many ways our modern food system divides us from each other, from our place on Earth and from the organisms we rely on for life. You can be a part of knitting those relationships back together by studying sustainable food systems at Goshen College. Whether you’re interested in being a grower of food, a chef, an entrepreneur who makes use of good food for your business or an advocate for making good food available to all, this major will be rich preparation for your career.

Learning about agriculture at GC will begin at our very own top-ranked Merry Lea Sustainable Farm — where 10 acres of fruits, vegetables, nuts and livestock are raised — and extends out to a wide network of farms, food businesses and nonprofits that we are connected to in our region. By visiting these professionals and working alongside them and your peers, you’ll pair deep learning about food systems with a wide range of practical skills that will be helpful now and in your future career.

Students who enroll in the nine-week residential Agroecology Summer Intensive (ASI) at Merry Lea Environmental Learning Center all share something in common: they are passionate about sustainable agriculture. ASI is the foundation of Goshen College’s sustainable food systems major and the agroecology minor. Whether you care about high-quality local food, sustainable farming practices or healthy food systems, ASI will empower you to explore your passion first-hand.


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Learn more about the Agroecology Summer Intensive, a unique hands-on experience for sustainable food systems majors and agroecology minors.

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Jon Zirkle

Sustainable Food Systems Educator & Farm Manager

Jerrell Richer

Professor of Economics
Carl Kreider Chair

Michelle Horning

Professor of Accounting

Phil Mason

Associate Professor of Business

Andrew Hartzler

Associate Professor of Accounting

Bill Minter

Associate Professor of Environmental Science

David Lind

Associate Professor of Sociology

Jonathon Schramm

Associate Professor of Sustainability and Environmental Education

Ruth Mischler

Assistant Professor of SEED Education

John Mischler

Director of Agroecology & Assistant Professor of SEED Education

Melissa Kinsey

Alumni & Career Networks Coordinator

Dave Ostergren

Director of Graduate Program in Environmental Education

Larry Yoder

Adjunct Professor of Biology