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The Goshen College Bible and Religion program shares its motto with the Benedictine monk and philosopher Anselm of Canterbury, who lived by the words “faith seeking understanding.” This program will prepare you to tell the church’s story in the most compelling way possible and make a positive impact on the world.

You’ll be given interdisciplinary opportunities as professors encourage you to draw from and develop your unique gifts, whatever they may be. Outside of the classroom, you can further your learning through hands-on experiences such as the Ministry Inquiry Program, which sends students to work as pastoral interns in church settings across the country for a summer. You might go on to serve in pastoral ministries, non-governmental organizations, church agencies, graduate school programs or a variety of other professions.

With a comprehensive understanding of biblical theology and Scripture, you’ll learn how to share the Good News of God’s desire for shalom with people from varied backgrounds, and find a career with your convictions as its foundation. Besides your own convictions, our program is also designed to promote an understanding of other religions and cultural expressions of faith. If you see life as an adventure to which God or your value for religious perspectives calls you, you’ll find a home in the Goshen College Bible and Religion program.

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Faculty & Staff

Paul Keim

Professor of Bible & Religion

Keith Graber Miller

Professor of Bible
Religion & Philosophy

Breanna Nickel

Assistant Professor of Bible and Religion

Regina Shands Stoltzfus

Professor of Peace Justice & Conflict Studies
Director of PJCS

John Roth

Professor of History
MHL Director
MQR Editor