Our Response to COVID-19

Welcome Visitors: the Learning Center is open! Please review our policies before visiting.

Along with Goshen College, Merry Lea is committed to the safety and well-being of its employees, students and visitors. Please join us in protecting others by following our policies, including physical distancing, wearing face masks, good hand hygiene, contact tracing and limiting crowds. Check out our events page and field trip program offerings. Our eight miles of trails are free and open everyday dawn to dusk. Thank you for your support and understanding as we assess best practices during this time.

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PreK-12 Programs

Providing environmental education for people of all ages.

We have designed programs for school aged children (kindergarten through high school). At Merry Lea, the education team is determined to facilitate experiences in the outdoor world which inspire exploration, foster a sense of wonder, and share joy with children of all ages.

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Merry Lea Sustainable Farm

Living alongside nature sustainably

Farming is just one of the many human activities that take a toll on the natural world. At Merry Lea, we have developed a sustainable farm where we employ practices designed to protect soil ecosystems, encourage beneficial insects, grow healthy food and live in harmony with our surroundings.

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Rieth Village

Creating a teaching tool and a model for others who want to make environmentally sound choices

Rieth Village is an ecological field station for undergraduate programs. Rieth Village has been designed and constructed with a strong commitment to sustainability. The project was awarded the platinum LEED certification (55 points) from the U. S. Green Building Council in 2007.

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Land and Research

Interacting with the land

Active land management has occurred since Merry Lea came under the ownership of Goshen College in 1980. Land management activities, under the guidance of the Director of Land Management, serve to support all aspects of Merry Lea’s mission by identifying, maintaining, restoring and managing for a diversity of native northeast Indiana plant and animal habitats.

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