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If you’re interested in studying politics with an emphasis on social justice, you’re in luck. The Goshen College political studies minor introduces students to an interdisciplinary approach that combines the analysis of American government, international politics, and political theory with a variety of other disciplines.

An Interdisciplinary Approach to Studying Politics & Political Science

This program is designed to give you a comprehensive understanding of the political science landscape and provide you with the skills and knowledge necessary for advocating for positive social and political change. Whether your interests lie in government, advocacy organizations, the non-profit sector, law, or any other industry, our political studies courses will help you succeed.

A Flexible Program to Fit with Other Studies

Combine an introductory course in political science with government study and other areas of interest to gain a deeper understanding of the political landscape. Whether you want to work in national agencies, advocacy departments, or in another industry, our minor in political studies will help you stay ahead of the curve and become a leader in your field.

Students majoring in other disciplines can pair introductory courses in political science, political thought, and political power with their majors tailored to their unique interests with a variety of options! Political science, history, political theory, international relations, political institutions, peace studies, comparative politics, electoral politics, political behavior, American politics, social work, environmental studies, and the social sciences are just a few subjects that political studies minors engage in while at GC. And outside the classroom, they can stay politically active on campus by joining the Student Senate or the PAX peace and justice club.

Gain Skills that Are in High Demand

Employers are looking for graduates with strong critical thinking, communication, and writing skills in today’s job market. These skills will benefit you no matter what career path you choose. A minor in political studies will give you an edge by teaching you to think critically about complex issues and communicate your ideas effectively.

With a minor in political studies, you will learn:

  • How to analyze and interpret data
  • How to think critically about complex issues
  • How to communicate effectively
  • Writing and research skills
  • Problem-solving techniques

Our approach to political studies will prepare you to work toward positive social and political change, whether you want to work in government, public administration, public policy, non-profit organizations, or in any legal profession.

Become a Political Studies Minor Today!

The minor in political studies is open to all students at Goshen College.

So if you’re ready to take the next step in your journey toward social and political change, enroll in the political studies minor at Goshen College today.

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