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Interpreting is a dynamic and exciting profession that gives you an opportunity to be a communication bridge between members of Deaf and hearing communities in places as diverse as hospitals, schools, court rooms, concerts, plays, or sporting events. As an interpreter, you could work in a staff position at a school or agency, or you could be self-employed, setting your own schedule. Sign language interpreting is one of the most challenging and rewarding careers you could choose!

The sign language interpreting major at Goshen College will introduce you to the rich language and culture of the Deaf community. We then use those language skills to teach you how to interpret between spoken English and ASL or signed English. Our sign language interpreting program’s small class sizes will allow you to work closely with your professors and peers in a rigorous but supportive setting.

You will also find many opportunities to practice your ASL skills outside the classroom as you attend workshops, Deaf church, Deaf sporting events and other local events. And in the final semester of the program you will travel to another part of the country for a 12-week, hands-on internship.

The Deaf Studies minor is perfect for students interested in ASL who do not want to enter the field of interpreting. And if you want to teach ASL, our Deaf studies major will be the right fit for you. Learn more about each major & minor option.

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Major & Minor Options

We offer a several majors and minors options in the Sign Language field. You don’t need to choose one today (just inquire about Sign Language below), but you will be asked to select a particular major/minor when you apply to Goshen College.

Sign Language Interpreting Major

The Sign Language Interpreting major focuses specifically on how to become a professional sign language interpreter.  You will study ASL and Deaf History, Ethics, as well as classes to learn how to interpret in general and also classes that specialize in Medical Interpreting, Sign to Voice Interpreting, and Transliterating (focusing on Educational Interpreting).  There are also elective classes related to Performance Interpreting and Specialty Areas of Interpreting (Legal, Mental Health, DeafBlind, Atypical Signers).

Deaf Studies Major

The Deaf studies major at Goshen College will introduce you to the rich language and culture of the Deaf community. You will then use your American Sign Language skills through one of two tracks: a social work focus or an education focus.

American Sign Language Minor

A minor in ASL is great to pair with many majors.  By studying ASL you would be able to sign directly to any Deaf students or clients you might work with as a teacher, accountant, social worker, nurse and many other majors.

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Faculty & Staff

Colleen Geier

Program Director and Professor of Sign Language Interpreting

Damon Johnson

Damon Johnson

Adjunct Professor of Sign Language Interpreting

Karen Horvath

Adjunct Professor of Sign Language Interpreting

Amanda Flickinger

Adjunct Professor of American Sign Language