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Doctor of Nursing Practice

Enroll today in our online, post-master’s Goshen College-EMU DNP Consortium program and take the next step in your career through this practice-based doctorate.

The program is 9 semesters with an accelerated 6-semester option available.

Our collaborative program brings together the highly respected aspects of programming at Goshen College and Eastern Mennonite University (Harrisonburg, Virginia).

What makes our program unique?

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Jewel Yoder

Professor of Nursing
Department Chair; Director of Baccalaureate Nursing Programs

Melody Cash

Professor of Nursing and Department Chair
DNP Co-Director (Eastern Mennonite University)

Nancy Wyse

Nancy Wyse

Associate Professor of Nursing (Eastern Mennonite University)

Don Tyson

Associate Professor of Nursing (Eastern Mennonite University)

Susan Setiawan

Associate Professor of Nursing

Beth Good

Assistant Professor of Nursing

Katie Schramm

Assistant Professor of Nursing

Daniel Showalter

Daniel Showalter

Associate Professor of Mathematics (Eastern Mennonite University)