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Have you ever questioned how society influences your worldview? Goshen College’s sociology program will take your natural curiosity and teach you the skills needed to think outside the box. With personalized attention from experienced and knowledgeable faculty, you’ll have the chance to explore issues of identity, inequality and social change. GC offers many opportunities to apply the knowledge you learn in the classroom to real-world situations: you could help to preserve a community’s cultural heritage or develop a plan for a community garden.

After taking courses in social research, social analysis and cultural interpretation, you’ll be well prepared for graduate programs and careers that engage in social analysis. Many sociology grads have gone on to attend graduate school or seminary. Alumni have applied their skills to education, community development, church organizations, research and graduate school—all paths for expanding your worldview and improving public and community life at home or abroad.

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Students & Alumni

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Faculty & Staff

Robert Brenneman

Professor of Criminal Justice and Sociology
Program Director CJRJ

David Lind

Professor of Sociology
SST- Senegal: MA

Veronica Berkey

Administrative Assistant for Social Work Sociology & Anthropology & Art

Jeanne Liechty

Professor of Social Work
Director of Social Work Program

Regina Shands Stoltzfus

Professor of PJCS

Julie Reese

Professor of Psychology

Keith Graber Miller

Professor of Bible
Religion & Philosophy

Beth Miller

Associate Professor of Nursing

Kendra Yoder

Associate Professor of Social Work