Art Concentrations

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Teaching Art

Teaching art to elementary or high school students appeals to those who want to encourage the creativity and artistic vision of the next generation. In addition to art and education courses, you will student teach in a local classroom. GC graduates earn certification to teach art in grades K-12.

Art Entrepreneurship

Ceramic student on potter's wheel

Many GC art majors with a concentration in art entrepreneurship are successfully self-employed in areas such as jewelry, photography and ceramics. In addition to taking business and marketing courses, you will specialize in your production area with faculty-guided independent study projects and do an internship with a studio artist.

Studio Art


Working in any of the media areas in the art department, this concentration prepares student artists for the world of galleries, graduate school and teaching in higher education. Several art faculty members are also studio artists who integrate teaching with making and exhibiting their art. At GC, studio art students specialize in their media and develop a strong portfolio of their work.


Students drawing

Pre-architecture is a pre-professional program that prepares you to go on to graduate school in architecture. The combination of visual design and communication skills, along with math and physics coursework, prepares you to work with peers and clients effectively, compose with space and materials on a large scale and use resources responsibly. Seniors complete an internship with an architectural firm.

Art Administration

Student drawing

Alumni in art administration are working in galleries and museums in management, education, installation and conservation. An internship in a museum is an important component preparing students to enter this profession. Careers in art administration often include additional graduate school training.

Art Generalist


This concentration is designed for students who want to double major at Goshen College, allowing them to combine majors to prepare for a unique career or for students who wish to develop their artistic skills for a life-time of personal expression and fulfillment.