Molecular Biology & Biochemistry Major


We are a community of student scholars and academics pursuing a rigorous and interdisciplinary approach to biology with a focus on events that occur at the cellular and biochemical levels. Our graduates become world-class scientists, doctors and other types of health professionals. Most students interested in working as health professionals (in medicine, dentistry, physical therapypharmacy and veterinary) choose this major. We have an excellent track record of getting students into their choice of medical and graduate schools; in the past five years, we have had an almost 95 percent acceptance rate.

The purpose of the molecular biology/biochemistry program is to provide our students with an excellent education in this field within the setting of a broad liberal arts education. As a student in this program, you will:

  • be involved in hands-on and experiential learning that will focus on the biochemical and genetic pathways necessary for life;
  • use advanced molecular biology and biochemical tools;
  • apply hypothesis and research-driven approaches to answer complex biological problems;
  • be involved in internship programs and undergraduate research experiences with faculty;
  • and examine the crucial role that studies in molecular biology and biochemistry contribute to our understanding of disease.

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Faculty & Staff

Ryan Sensenig

Professor of Biological & Environmental Science
ES Program Director
& Lindsay Teaching Fellow

Neil Detweiler

Assistant Professor of Biology
Director of Pre-Health Programs

Andy Ammons

Professor of Biology

Dan Smith

Professor of Chemistry

Doug Schirch

Professor of Chemistry

Jody Saylor

Associate Professor of Biology

John Ross Buschert

Professor of Physics

Danielle Pagoria

Administrative Assistant