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Do you want to kickstart a career in the diverse and growing field of engineering? With an engineering physics degree from GC, you’ll be on the forefront of science, technology and industry. Whether you’re interested in biophysics, renewable energy, quantum mechanics or robotics, this program will prepare you for almost any engineering career while tackling complex engineering problems.

Looking to be a better kind of engineer? Goshen’s 3-2 engineering physics program (three years at GC and two years at the engineering school means you’ll end up with both a bachelor of arts degree from GC and a bachelor of science degree from the engineering school) will connect you easily to a prestigious engineering school (University of Notre Dame or Case School of Engineering of the Case Western Reserve University!), but also offers another dimension. Not only will you gain the engineering skills of a nationally-recognized program, you will also receive a world-class intercultural and interdisciplinary education in a small, liberal arts setting with close professor mentors. With a deeper understanding of environmental and cultural impacts, you will be better prepared to be a leader in finding engineering solutions to the problems society and communities face.

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Paul Meyer Reimer

Professor of Physics

John Ross Buschert

Professor of Physics

David Housman

Professor of Mathematics & Department Chair

Dan Smith

Professor of Chemistry

Danielle Pagoria

Administrative Assistant