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Do you love the stage and want to share your passion for theater and performing arts with the next generation? Our theater education program prepares students to teach and lead a theater program in schools or community organizations, with a solid groundwork in theatrical and educational methods, including acting, stage direction, voice, classroom management, theater history, theater production, stage design, sound, lighting and more.

Augment Your Goshen College Experience with Theater Arts Studies

With this minor, students majoring in other fields of study add valuable performance, problem-solving, communication, and public speaking skills making you more marketable and successful in your chosen field. Theater courses are small and intimate, so you will get personal attention from your faculty advisor as you learn. Furthermore, when you graduate, you will be ready to pursue certifications and career opportunities.

Learn to Teach Set Design, Directing, Acting, and More

Gain first-hand experience working with student actors in various theater settings. In addition to taking education, dance, voice, and acting classes, students you receive hands-on learning opportunities to apply technical aspects and art form in a campus play, musical, or opera production every year.

This minor is ideal if you:

  • Have a passion for theater and teaching
  • Want to learn how to lead and manage a theater program
  • Are interested in pursuing a career in education or community outreach
  • Want to enhance your communication, problem-solving, and public speaking skills.

Be Prepared for Graduate School Programs in Theater and Education

As you get your feet wet in teaching theater at Goshen College, you can continue your education and earn a master’s degree in theater education or a related field.

Prepare for Your Career in Theater, Education, and Beyond

When you participate in college as a performer, director, choreographer, or in stage management, you will be learning high-demand job skills that will serve you well in the classroom or leading a theater group. These include working on a team, problem-solving and effective communication.

A theater education minor can lead to various career paths, such as:

  • High school or middle school theater arts teacher
  • Community theater director
  • Arts administrator
  • A theater educator working in educational outreach programs
  • Directing and managing children’s theater programs, summer programs, and other seasonal community projects.
  • Alternatively, graduates use theatrical skills in non-traditional settings such as businesses (for team building), nursing homes (therapeutic recreation), or prisons (rehabilitation).

Pursue Your Dream of Teaching Theater

If you want to pursue a career in theater education, our theater education minor will give you the skills and experience you need to succeed. Fill out the form below for more information. Financial aid is available. Get started today!

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