Study-Service Term (SST)

Global Education at Goshen College

Building Relationships Locally & Abroad

Goshen College’s Study-Service Term (SST) offers students the opportunity to approach life, leadership and career as global citizens, able to collaborate for the common good and respect human dignity across cultural differences.

All students devote at least 12 credit hours to global citizenship and experiential learning. You will discuss global issues, encounter people from other cultural backgrounds and volunteer with a community organization. If you spend a semester abroad, you will also learn to speak another language. No matter which theme, format or location you choose, SST will equip you with critical skills to navigate today’s globally connected world.

SST Formats

SST, Semester

Immerse yourself in another culture for 13 weeks. You’ll be able to focus on the experience without outside distractions, and your language skills will improve rapidly. Many SSTers form strong bonds with their unit members and host families. Plan for a semester off-campus early in your college career to make scheduling easier.

SST Curriculum

Sequential SST

For a shorter term immersion with the same learning goals, follow a theme over a four-course sequence, spread over several semesters or three-week May terms. Foundations courses and Global Issues courses will take place in a classroom setting. Cultural Perspectives and Community Engaged Learning courses will immerse you in a new context--whether locally or abroad. Register for the experiences below during advising periods, as with any course.

Global Themes

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Featuring the Ecuador Spring 2020 SST unit. Video by Eric Miller.

Getting Started

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