Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI)

An Introduction

At Goshen College, our diversity is essential to our academic excellence and vibrant community.

As we teach, learn and seek truth together, our diversity invites us to see in new ways, to recognize new problems, to imagine new solutions, to realize our strengths and to claim justice.

How we define diversity, equity & inclusion (DEI)


Diversity is the sum of the ways that people are both different and similar. Diversity has many dimensions that intersect in a wide variety of ways; these dimensions include race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, language, culture, religion, mental and physical ability, class, immigration status, and others.


Equity means an intentional focus to reduce disparities in opportunities, experiences and outcomes for all members of the campus community. Equity is expressed in a commitment to address historical and current manifestations of social bias and exclusion, including the ways in which social arrangements disadvantage some groups and legitimate others.


Inclusion means belonging to a campus environment in which people are respected, accepted and connected to one another. Community members come together in friendly, caring, and authentic ways, and have opportunities to participate in community life and its ongoing evolution.

Note: The above are “working definitions” — our work is happening in this context and our work will also evolve these definitions. The definitions draw upon these sources:

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Meet the Committee on DEI

Jody Saylor

Committee Chair
Director of Faculty Development & Academic Innovation

Erica Albertin

DEI Officer
Athletic Director

Aja Ellington

DEI Officer
Director of DEI & Campus Counselor

Adela Hufford

DEI Officer
Director of Orientation Transition & Retention

Cyneatha Millsaps

DEI Officer
Executive Director of the Center for Community Engagement

Marlene Penner

DEI Officer
HR Director



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