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Do you want to be a psychologist, counselor or researcher? GC’s rigorous psychology program has an excellent track record of admission into psychology graduate programs. In fact, we rank in the upper 26 percent of all colleges and universities for the number of psychology doctoral degrees. And, if you consider all the psychology alums who have applied to any graduate program — in psychology, social work, business or law — 100 percent have been accepted into graduate school!

How do we do it? Our program features small classes, enthusiastic faculty and a strong emphasis on scientific research methodology. At GC, you will take a broad range of courses in cognitive, social, developmental and clinical psychology, among other social sciences courses. You’ll also find ample research opportunities and internships for hands-on learning. You could assist developmentally disabled adults at Elkhart County Clubhouse or counsel students at a local elementary school. In addition, you’ll participate in regular psychology gatherings, where you’ll meet guest speakers, share research and build strong ties with the Goshen community.

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Read the latest Psyclone

This year has ushered in many changes in the department. An exciting addition this year is the psychology forum, an extracurricular meeting where different psychology-related speakers present to the students and faculty.

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Psyclone 2014

In this new 2014 issue of the Psyclone, Goshen College’s Psychology Department traveled to the Butler Conference for the first time. This is a conference where undergraduate students present their research in a number of

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Alumni Feature - Alice Schermerhorn, Ph.D.

My research interests are in the area of developmental psychopathology, and focus on associations between exposure to stressors like interparental conflict and children’s socio-emotional development and adjustment.

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Beyond the Science Hall: Goshen College excels at preparing students for doctoral degrees

When it comes to earning a doctoral degree, Goshen College students have an advantage. At GC, students have more opportunities for undergraduate research, have smaller classes and build relationships with top-notch professors both in and out of the classroom.

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Student feature - Allison Krawiec - Senior psychology student

When I was faced with finding an internship for my senior year at Goshen College I knew that I had to work with women and I had to work with empowerment.

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