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Whether you want to be a film director, producer, cinematographer or editor, Goshen College’s film production major is designed to immerse you in hands-on learning and preparation for the film and television industry. We offer courses that include all phases of film production such as scriptwriting, producing, directing, cinematography, editing and motion graphics.

Our film production program is built specifically on two unique opportunities: FiveCore Media and the Los Angeles Film Studies Program. FiveCore Media, our full-service professional video production company on campus, gives students real world experience shooting, editing and producing projects for paying clients. Our students also spend a semester in the heart of the film industry at the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU) Los Angeles Film Studies Center. There, students study film production in class and on the set, all while completing an internship with a film, television or video company.

In addition, many of our film students take unique classes on documentary filmmaking in other countries like Greece, Rome and Kenya.

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