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Do you love making music and want to make a positive impact on the world? With Goshen College’s unique music for social change minor or concentration, students will hone their musical gifts in our world-class Music Center and discover the tools to bring social progress and change, empowering individuals and communities.

Change the World with Music

Throughout music history, a song’s lyrics have had social significance to new generations. From the civil rights movement and protest songs of the Vietnam War to early colonial freedom songs, we have a long history of artistic expression. Music is a universal language that transcends ethnicity while championing cultural individuality.

Whether you are interested in music education, music therapy, music composition, or music performance, Goshen College’s music for social change minor and concentration will help you develop the skills you need to impact society positively. With a program focused on themes of human nature and world peace that stir strong emotions, you will gain valuable knowledge and hands-on experience in music and music technology to empower individuals and communities.

Develop Your Musical Gifts and Discover How to Use Them for Social Good

Our graduates have been remarkably skillful at merging their gifts with their passion to make society better. From elementary music played in classrooms in Goshen to urban public schools in Chicago, to directing a youth orchestra in Bolivia, our students have significantly impacted their communities.

Designed to intersect with initiatives in Elkhart County and shed light on the transformative force of music, this minor or concentration will enable you to practice what you learn and gain valuable experience via a rigorous internship component.

An Innovative Program with a Global Impact

As the first undergraduate program of its kind, the music for social change minor and track at Goshen College offers students the opportunity to hone their musical talents while discovering the tools to bring about positive social impact. Whether you aspire to become a music teacher in an elementary classroom, inspire change through music in your community, or explore important aspects of world music education abroad, this unique program equips you with the knowledge and skills needed to have a meaningful impact.

So if you love music and want to make a positive difference in your community, consider pursuing this unique minor at Goshen College today!

Be Part of Something Bigger Than Yourself

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