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Are you a part of or interested in the growing culture of computer science and information technology? Do neural networking, machine learning, and game development invoke excitement and curiosity in you? Are you passionate about creating technology to support human and social good? Then you might want to look closer at Goshen College’s computer science and information technology programs.

The information technology major and minor at Goshen College equips students with the ability to design, create, and critically evaluate a broad range of information artifacts using computational means, computer networks, database development, and software applications. Through these programs, students learn to become innovative problem-solvers, using their skillsets for the good of humanity.

An Information Technology Program with a Strong Focus on Real-World Experience

At Goshen College, students are nurtured and challenged through small class sizes, paid internships, and a human-centered computing curriculum. Information technology students get individualized attention and ample opportunities for hands-on learning experiences through on and off-campus support, competitions, clubs, and independent research projects.

Internships are required for information technology majors as part of the curriculum. Goshen College’s IT program graduates have been placed at companies and technology giants such as Google and Apple, or started their own businesses.

Make an impact by using technology to support human and social good.

Our program embraces human-centered computing, computing for the good of humanity, and other ecologies. We have courses in accessibility programming, where we create software and hardware for persons with disabilities. We participate in the Association of Computing Machinery’s Computation Competition every October. Last year our team came in 5th at the site and 101st in the region, and it was only our second year in the contest.

Goshen IT students study human-centered computing, which focuses on using technology to support and extend human abilities and activities. This approach to computing takes into account social factors, cognitive science, information science, and engineering. Information technology students also learn about computing for the good of humanity, which is using technology to benefit society as a whole.

Get the most hands-on experience possible with our small class sizes.

Our professor-to-student ratio makes sure you have the most hands-on education possible. We offer real-world, hands-on internships for our students. We participate in the college’s Maple Scholars Summer Research Program, where students take on a unique research project and work closely with a professor.

A degree in information technology opens the door to many career paths, including software development, web development, database systems, network security, information systems, project management, engineering, astrophysics, and other IT professions. With a minor in information technology, you can complement your major core courses with skills that make you more marketable to employers.

Women are welcome here!

If you are a woman who codes, Goshen College is the place to be! We have a solid female core in computer science and information technology. As a woman, you will have support and enjoy fun activities in our on-campus chapter of Digital Eve. Additionally, we are a member of the National Center for Women in Technology. This organization recognizes and supports women in computer science and information technology through scholarships and other programs.

Join a supportive community of fellow computer science and information technology students.

Through Goshen College’s information technology program, you’ll gain the problem-solving foundation to jumpstart your career in a wide variety of professions, or pursue graduate studies and certificate programs. With information technology, you can make a difference in the world.

So what are you waiting for? Learn more about the information technology major and minor programs at Goshen College today!

Get started today by scheduling a visit to campus or requesting more information. Financial aid options are available. We hope to see you soon!

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