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Can you picture yourself as a business analyst, web developer, or cloud architect? Goshen College’s information technology major and minor prepares you for success by providing a solid foundation in computer programming, business and communication. You’ll be able to analyze complex problems and implement innovative solutions to increase an organization’s efficiency and profitability—an enormously valuable (and lucrative) skill in today’s job market.

Goshen College provides a number of opportunities for students to gain real-world computer experience during college. You could work with GC’s Information Technology Services (ITS), which provides service-oriented technology support for the college, driven by goals of technological innovation and sustainability. You could also intern with CodePurple, an on-campus technology organization, or at one of many local or national tech startups. Whether you’re interested in database design, human and computer interaction, or computer networking and security, you’ll find your niche in the information technology program—and secure a strong future career as well.

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Jeanette Shown

Associate Professor of Computer Science and Information Technology

David Housman

Professor of Mathematics