Film Production Course Listings

Major in film production

49 credit hours

  • Comm 202, Oral Communication3
  • Comm 204, Expository Writing3
  • Comm 212, Digital Media Production 3
  • Comm 240, Communication Research 3
  • Comm 270, Media Law and Ethics 3
  • Comm 312, Advanced Digital Media Production 3
  • Comm 386, Film 3
  • Comm 410, Senior Seminar 3
  • Comm 412, Special project (film capstone)3
  • One additional production course 3
    • Comm 294, Advanced DM Methods: Pre-production
    • Comm 296, Advanced DM Methods: Production
    • Comm 298, Advanced DM Methods: Post-production
    • Comm 314, Advanced Digital Media Immersion
  • One Theater department course 3
    • Thea 225, Introduction to Theater
    • Thea 235, The Power of Story
    • Thea 334, Acting
    • Thea 338, Directing
    • Thea 350, Playwriting
  • CCCU LA Film Studies Program16
    Comm 385, Hollywood Production Workshop (4)
    Comm 399, Faith & Artistic Development in Film (3)
    Comm 409, Internship: Inside Hollywood (6)
    Comm 412, Elective Choice (3): Narrative Storytelling, Professional Acting for the Camera, Professional Screenwriting, or Independent Study
  • At least four semesters participation in GCTV, Theater, and/or FiveCore MediaNC

Student learning outcomes

Graduates in film production will:

  1. Comprehend a core of knowledge in the field.
  2. Create a diverse portfolio that reflects multimedia storytelling.
  3. Demonstrate a set of professional skills and competencies in their practice of film production.
  4. Serve the college and broader public through co-curricular media involvement.
  5. Demonstrate competence in securing and completing two or more internships.
  6. Report that courses and other collegiate training prepared them for a position in film production or a related career.
  7. Integrate Christian values, professional conduct and a global perspective.

Planning guide for film production majors

First year Goshen Core
Digital Media Production
Other 200-level courses in major
Second year Goshen Core
Advanced Digital Media Production
Other 200 and 300-level courses in major
Third year Goshen Core
LA Film Studies Semester
Courses in major
Fourth year Balance of Goshen Core
Balance of major
Senior Seminar

Planning and advising notes

This major cannot be completed solely in residence at Goshen College. It requires one full semester of study at the Council of Christian Colleges and Universities’ Los Angeles Film Studies Center, or an approved alternative off-campus program, including Comm 409. The LAFSC requires each student to apply and be accepted into the program directly. Attendance at Goshen College does not guarantee acceptance into the LAFSC program. The LAFSC program has specific criteria each student must meet, which may include GPA requirements, community living standards, a Christian commitment, references, and/or samples of past work. See for current admission requirements.

In addition to courses listed above, other recommended electives include Comm 255, Engl 230, Thea 245, and Thea 332.

Students may not earn a major in film production and also a major in theater with a film studies concentration. It is, however, possible to earn a second major in theater with a different concentration area.

All film production majors must earn a grade of C- or higher in all courses required for their major and/or minor. Failure to attain this level of achievement requires the student to either repeat the course (for specific requirements) or take an additional course (an option for elective courses) and achieve a grade of C- or higher.

A maximum of 45 credit hours in communication courses may be applied to a degree. Also, no more than 12 credit hours in experiential learning (Comm 209, 294, 296, 298, 409 or 412) may be applied.