2018 Senior Project Presentations

Kinesiology department seniors presented their final projects at the end of April. These projects were designed and implemented by the seniors with advising from Dr. Jewel Lehman. The presentations were open to the community and the audience included alumni, other faculty, coaches, and peers.

Among the projects presented were:

“The Effect of Anaerobic Exercise Fatigue on Dynamic Balance” by Carley O’Neal

“A Comparison of Baseball Batting Swings: Soft Toss and Game Context” by Billy Swisher

“Inconsistent Sleep and How That Affects Athletes” by Devin Heath Granger

“The effects of a pre-workout supplement in college athletes” by Zoe Hellman

“Dynamic vs. Static Stretching:  Comparing Two Stretching Techniques for the Preparation of Muscles for Physical Activity” by Jon Hill