Exercise Science Lab

The exercise science laboratory in the Roman-Gingerich Fitness Center is used during Wellness, Exercise Physiology, Motor Learning and Kinesiology (Applied Biomechanics) classes. Laboratory experiences are designed to allow students to explore questions and examine problems as they collect data, make observations, assess, analyze and evaluate. Laboratory equipment is also used by senior seminar students as they develop and conduct research projects.


  • Heart rate monitors
  • Pedometers
  • Omron bioelectrical impedance body composition measure
  • Skin Calipers
  • Goniometers and other flexibility testing tools

Exercise Physiology

  • Quinton equipment for stress testing
  • Treadmill, gas analyzers, air flow meter and other items for measuring oxygen consumption during exercise
  • Monark cycle ergometer for testing anaerobic power
  • Dry and wet spirometers
  • Grip dynamometers, trunk and leg dynamometer
  • Hydrostatic weighing equipment

Motor Learning

  • Kinesthesiometer
  • Bassin anticipation timer
  • Rotary pursuit
  • Kydex Tally Maze
  • Star Tracers
  • Two-arm coordination tracer
  • Reaction timers
  • Card sorting tasks
  • Peg boards

Kinesiology (Applied Biomechanics)

  • Dartfish:  Frame by frame analysis of sport skill performance.