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Maple Scholars

From exploring stress on honeybees to the relationship between math and music to the stories of stillbirth, each year Goshen College students spend the summer doing intense study and research during the college’s eight-week Maple Scholars program.

During the program, each scholar is paired with a faculty member who serves as both colleague and supervisor.  Creating a a community of scholars, the students are all housed together and in the Friday colloquium,  scholars take turns presenting the work they are doing and answering questions from other students and faculty.  At the end is a celebration day when the results of each project are presented to the public.

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Biophysics is one of the fastest growing areas of physics.  That’s one of the reasons we study it at Goshen College. Another part is because the most interesting questions in modern physics are in biology.

Biophysics is that branch of knowledge that applies the principles of physics and chemistry and the methods of mathematical analysis and computer modeling to understand the mechanisms of biological systems in terms of fundamental principles. It is one of the most diverse and interdisciplinary areas of study.

Biophysics is primarily a molecular science. It seeks to explain biological function in terms of the molecular structures and properties of specific molecules. The size of these molecules varies dramatically. The problems studied also vary from foundational studies of proteins to studies in the neurosciences to pharmacology.

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