Goshen College announces Engineering partnership with Valparaiso University

Engineering Physics majors at Goshen College can now complete their studies with a Bachelor’s of Engineering degree from Valparaiso.

The recent articulation agreement paves the way for Engineering Physics students to transfer after their third year to Valparaiso, and finish degrees in Civil, Electrical, or Mechanical Engineering with two more years at Valparaiso.

According to Goshen Physics Professor Paul Meyer Reimer, “Our ‘3-2’ programs allow students to combine the best of our Anabaptist, global, liberal arts education with the technical specialization of a top notch engineering program.”

Alongside the new 3-2 program with Valparaiso, Goshen has ongoing 3-2 partnerships with the University of Notre Dame and Case Western Reserve University.

Solar research at Valpo

Open the windows, and 306 mirrors in Valparaiso’s Markiewicz Solar Energy Research Facility  focus sunlight on a reactor vessel reaching temperatures beyond 3000 F. [Image, College of Engineering, Valparaiso Engineering.]