Biology Science Speaker Series

Fall 2020-21

Each semester the Biology Department hosts a mini-series of Science Speaker events to connect our students to professionals in the field.

Through Zoom this semester – contact Dr. Andy Ammons for link (

Biology Speaker Poster Fall 2020

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Free & open to the public


Wednesday, September 23

4 p.m.
Ion Sensing Channel 1a, Metabolic Dysfunction, and Pulmonary Hypertension
Dr. Nikki Jernigan
University of New Mexico HSC

Friday, October 2

10 a.m.
Mapping Competitive Growth of Malaria Parasites to Assess the Fitness Impact of Drug Resistance
Kate Vendrely, PhD student
University of Notre Dame

Friday, October 9

10 a.m.
Interactions between Livestock, Wildlife, and Fire: Insights from the Kenya Long-Term Exclosure Experiment
Dr. Duncan Kimuyu
Karatina University, Kenya

Wednesday, October 14

4 p.m. 
Investigating the Mechanism of Ventilation-Perfusion Matching in Yak Lungs
Dr. Neil Detweiler
Goshen College

Wednesday, October 28

4 p.m.
Finding the Risky Spots! Humpback Whale and Leatherback Sea Turtle Bycatch in Northern Peru
Anna Costanza, MS student
San Francisco State University