Solongo Gonchigsuren ’16

Solongo Gonchigsuren '16
Solongo Gonchigsuren '16

Solongo Gonchigsuren is a 2016 accounting graduate with a TESOL minor from Mongolia. With the help of her professors and the educational setting at GC, Solongo is not only excelling, but also dreaming big. 

What makes Goshen different?

Academically and socially, Goshen College is a great place to be. I love how I have the opportunity to be close to my professors and call them by their first names. Professors’ support is one of the key elements to success and I found it at GC.

How have your views changed?

The environment at GC has helped me to open myself to others and welcome others to my life. I believe I have become more open-minded about other cultures, religions and lifestyles.

What was your favorite class?

Foundations of Education. The structure of the class was flexible, entertaining and inspiring. I felt so comfortable sharing my opinion and exchanging ideas with my classmates and my professor.

What do you hope to do with your degree?

I was an elementary education and TESOL double major so I’ve considered becoming a teacher. But my real dream is to become the head of the ministry of education, science and technology of Mongolia.

What do you appreciate about GC?

I love the level of diversity at Goshen College. It is amazing how you have the opportunity to meet many different, interesting people from all around the world and learn from them. There are so many activities hosted by the college to support diversity and to make sure that every student has an opinion and role in making the world better.