Jasmine Diaz ’24

Jasmine Diaz '24
Jasmine Diaz '24


Major: Psychology


Why did you choose Goshen?

I chose Goshen because I wanted to stay in an area where I was comfortable. I liked that it was familiar with familiar faces from high school, but it was also exciting because people come from different states and even different countries.


Why did you choose your major?

When I applied to Goshen, and for my first semester, I majored in biology and then switched to molecular biology/biochemistry. But then I found that I didn’t enjoy the major, so I switched to psychology. I had taken psychology classes in high school, so I was familiar with the subject.


What career are you interested in pursuing?

I am interested in pursuing a career in clinical psychology. I hope to work mostly as a researcher, primarily with Latino families and children, and also work as a clinician.


What is a valuable experience that you have had at Goshen?

One valuable experience that I have had at Goshen was talking to David Kendall from Career Networks. Because I switched my major, I was confused about what I needed to do in preparation for graduate school, but David reminded me that knowing what I want to do in the future is already enough. He made sure to emphasize that he would talk to me through my four years at Goshen and every stage in my academic career.