Martin Flowers ’16

Martin Flowers '16
Martin Flowers '16

Martin, who graduated in 2016 with a theater major, was in many a mainstage theater production, won the school talent show, and is now acting professionally in the area.

Why did you choose Goshen?

Focusing on the larger picture of college, I was really attracted to Goshen’s stance on peace, equality and environmental protection. Focusing solely on areas of study, I chose Goshen for their music and theater programs, which essentially combine the grandeur of the performing arts with an intimate and in-depth learning environment, in and out of the classroom.

What opportunities have you had here?

Looking back at my first year at Goshen, I can’t believe I was not only able to but encouraged to be a part of so many activities on campus, activities that were both fun and life-changing. I’ve had really cool opportunities to be involved in both our fall and spring mainstage for our theater department, along with several music groups and performances.

What makes Goshen different?

I think it’s all about how passionate everyone is about what they do. Whether they are a student or a professor, I’ve never met one person who is meandering through their day so that they can eventually get a paycheck that will get them through life. The kind of people I’ve met here are the ones that want to impact the world with their education, their stories and their experiences.

What should every GC student experience?

Sometimes you’re doing your homework with someone in the Connector late at night, or perhaps you strike up a casual conversation with someone right before you head back to your dorm room. You talk longer than expected, and before you know it, your conversation becomes much more deep and enlightening than originally intended. Suddenly it’s the morning! These impulsive conversations turned into some of the most fulfilling experiences of my life.