Communication Concentrations


Explore across the major as you immerse yourself in this concentration. This area of focus will provide a well-rounded program, and will launch you into an interesting and flexible range of careers.  You will learn to build and utilize written and verbal communication skills, grow research capabilities, and will gain an understanding of current professional practices across the media landscape.

Film Studies

Combine exciting writing, broadcasting and theater components in this concentration preparing you for careers as film producers, film editors, artists, critics, journalists, marketers or entrepreneurs. The Film Studies concentration includes the possibility of spending a semester in Los Angeles, California, at the LA Film Studies School where you will receive further focused, practical instruction. While there, the inside workings of LA and Hollywood will open up to you, and you will be given the rare opportunity to gain college credits through an internship in the film industry.

Multimedia Communication

In the world of Web 2.0, jobs requiring understanding of multiple mediums are in demand. This concentration prepares you to use new media tools that incorporate written and visual material and understand digital resources.


Check out the Course Listings for more information about specific requirements and course options within each concentration.